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 Apollo 13 or A13 as its commonly known

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Da Mew
Da Mew

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PostSubject: Apollo 13 or A13 as its commonly known   Fri Mar 06, 2009 10:02 am

this RP will be generally the same as apollo 13... with a few slight changes... okay maybee more

1) crew number can be unlimited...

2) Aliens ... yeay!

3) the ship can and definately will be mutch bigger and roomy... with a mess hall... recreation room... sleaping quarters... etc..

4) if someone joins late (ie. after we take off) you can come via a lost pod, or be an unknown stowaway... etc. just make your enterance belevable...

5)waaaay more problems.... because the ship is bigger more things can and will go wrong.. (and to make it a little more exciting)

7) way in the future... just so we can have all the teckno stuff we want Smile

8.) diferent planet... as in earth got destroid... sorry earth... all that is left is a huge debris field

9) ok so the only things it has in common with apollo 13 is basically the name and things go wrong... hehehe.. and space

<Captins log E7 year 2701>

the Testflght A13 was an absolute failure, the wires on the craft caught alight after the third hour of the mission... my crew and friends were burnt alive while i sat in the controll room reading off the ratty data the computers produced.. and in one ear hearing the screams as they were consumed...

on the same day, fires broke out in ward 5 where they were building the original comand module... fortunately the engineers told me that they could salvage most of the wreck and we would not be hampered by the delay.....

<F12 year 2701:>

the ship is finished finally... and all i need now is a crew.... if i am not to find one soon.. this mission will be aborted...

Insolent Slime!!.... a first rate crew abandoned me! all because i am a girl... the superstisious bunch all quoted thats its bad luck to have a girl on board none the less piloting and captin!

Maya walked briskilly down the corridor to the VIP room to asess her 'new' crew... as she did she thaught to herself <i dont care what kind of people i'm recruiting... if need be ill fly this ship all by my self!>

she flew the doors open... not to her surprise noone was there exept dyuus her bodyguard.. he was a slender nimble figure with white hair that came over his left eye and behind his cat like ear on the other side....

dyuus> " i did not expect to see you so soon... why are you so early for the meeting?"

maya walked forward and pulled up a chair opposite Dyuus by the huge round table in the centre of the room. "restlessness" she placed her head in her hands " i have not been able to sleep cince the insident"

Dyuus> " worry not, i know this time we shall not fail"

OT>Character picture:[/img] (only in a suit)

Age: a mere 16 years
Gender: female
Species:cat beast
skills:an advanced knowlage of space craft.. (one of the resons she is piloting A13) and her ability to think clearly when all goes wrong
Wepons: her claws and enything she can find lying around

(dyuus is 18 and deadly with a blade and pistol... looks simalar to maya .. ie same race..)

(sorry i cant spell very well.. please excuse it.)
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PostSubject: Re: Apollo 13 or A13 as its commonly known   Fri Apr 10, 2009 5:34 pm

(( RP Dead....Before it Began, Locked ))


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Apollo 13 or A13 as its commonly known
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