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 The Order of the Silent Shadows

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Da Mew

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Name: Maya
Race: cat beast
Class: blade dancer

PostSubject: The Order of the Silent Shadows   Wed Apr 22, 2009 4:26 pm

Long ago… an order of highly skilled assassins was formed. They lent their skills out to those who would pay them a bounty of money. The order quickly got the attention of the world; the mere mention of the order or any of the assassins that were part of the order would effectively strike fear into the hearts of the general public.

The order would never leave any trace of their existence after a completed contract… they would merely leave the victim where he/she lay… and left. Because of this whenever a strange murder occurred they would always assume the order of the silent shadows had something to do with it.
Many believed the order had never existed… Others however knew that it was real, and would make up rumours to prove it… some rumours were true while others were blown out of proportion.
Some would claim the order as a good thing… as they would normally target criminals; other people would protest that they were of pure evil because they murdered the criminals instead of turning them in.

The name that would strike the most fear into the hearts of the public was Ulmar Channing, the leader of the order… He would personally pass down the contracts to the assassins and would take part in the bigger contracts.
Years went by and they continued their work, the Law now refusing to even hear of the order… they turned a blind eye and stated to the public that they did not exist… that was until they took out the head of the police department’s Special operations force… they left a note on the body, it read
***Continue stepping into our affairs and we shall eliminate all who try to interfere or oppose us…
This shall be your one and only warning…

PS: your dear sir Oushima was held accountable for Fraud, Embezzlement and Drug dealing. You will find the evidence in the safe behind the false wall on the right.

The Order Of The Silent Shadows

The investigation on his death was started immediately… and as the note said all the proof they needed was behind the false wall… The police could no longer deny the fact that the order did in fact exist.
To counter their loss and the enraged public they created an order of their own. They used the best they had… but even the best were no match for the assassins. The police were devastated and they threw out their own rule (to only recruit humans). They started to accept hybrids, elves, genetically enhanced humans as well as other beings.
Ulmar saw what was happening and moved the order to a more secure and unknown location.
Up in the mountains through a maze of trees and interwoven rivers lay Malcar Castle, the new base of the order. Ulmar never feared the opposition of the new order of law… however it was becoming increasingly difficult to do business out in the open, that was the true reason for the move, also there were more members now than the old base in the city could handle.

The new order of law was ready and now hunted the Order of the silent shadows, The order of law was now strong enough to threaten the Order of silent shadow’s existence… but the order of law became corrupted and turned against the people who founded them, they renamed themselves The Crimson Order and now murdered for pleasure… killing those who they (in the beginning) sought to serve.

Plot: The order of the Silent Shadows still accepts contracts and ignores the Crimson Order because quite simply… it isn’t their problem. Until they launch an attack on Malcar… The order of the silent shadows takes out the small party that tried to attack and decides to launch a full-scale war against the Crimson Order… but at the same time still accepting contracts…

1) No flaming… or trying to provoke a flame war
2) No controlling another person’s character. <Unless given their consent>
3) No killing another persons character <unless given their consent>
4) No god moding
5) Please try to post as little one-liners as possible although I will allow it if it is completely necessary
6) Please don’t have more than two characters.
7) Keep violence and romance to a PG 13 level please
Cool I am allowed to change these rules as I see fit.

Character sheet



Name: Ulmar Channing
Race: Werecat (human looking but can change into a upright Catbeast)
Weapons: his Katana as well as a long knife strapped to his hip, and as a last resort he will rip through his glove on his right hand with his claws.
Personality: Ruthless to the enemy, mercy isn’t a word in his dictionary.
To his friends and fellow assassins he could be considered as reserved… he tends to like being alone.
Background(optional):After being born into the assassin business Ulmar was trained to be the best of the best so he could take over the order from his father. At the tender age of 10 his teachers discovered what he really was, and trained him to control his transformations and they taught him to use his new found senses. He learned quite quickly and he had just finished his training when his father died. Whenever questioned on how his father died he would just reply that nature took its course.

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Name: Nich Loki
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PostSubject: Re: The Order of the Silent Shadows   Thu Apr 23, 2009 8:03 pm

Fenrir Von Kriether

looks to be around 19-21. but he is older then he looks


A long Scythe that has a Wakizashi concealed in the butt of it's shaft.
he also carries a crossbow.

Lazy, unmotivated, care free and a total lay-about, known for lounging around sleeping in his spare time...
however he changes while working on a contract. He gains an almost unstoppable blood lust, only stopping when he spills the blood of his target.

Fenrir was born into a noble werewolf family, he was trained to use a Wakizashi and in various forms of martial arts from the age of 13. He joined The Order of the Silent Shadows at the age of 39 (two years ago). The reason he claimed to join for was to get rid of the blasted criminal infestation, but the true reason would be that he joined out of boredom, to give him something 'fun' to do.
Fenrir has always been a carefree and laid back person, but always gets to job done.


Werewolf form:

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The Order of the Silent Shadows
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