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 Force Abilities

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PostSubject: Force Abilities   Wed Apr 29, 2009 10:32 pm

Use this topic to pick your Force Abilities for SW: Black Dawn Knight.

Try to use abilities akin to what force rank you are, after awhile if you should gain the next level of force ranking you can upgrade abilities to one of a higher skill set, such as force lightning...you'd start off with Shock ( if apprentice ) then Traditional Lightning then Chain-Lightning and then finally Storm. Furthermore once a higher based ability is gained the lesser version(s) is(are) still usable by you.

Some Abilities are fairly broad in their meaning such as Telekinesis which has numerous sub-abilities.

The number of abilities a force user can have is dependent on what rank they are.

Master: 10 Abilities
Knight: 7 Abilities
Padawan: 5 Abilities
Apprentice: 3 Abilities

Base Force Abilities:

Control Pain
Force Form
Force Flash
Force Body
Force Sight
Force Sense
Force Speed
Force Healing
Magnify Senses
Art of Movement

Base Abilities are those that All force users have at their disposal and don't count towards the number of Abilities a force user has.
Although their still used with varying degrees of success and/or talent/skill.

Force Abilities:

Use this Force Powers Link to make your selection of abilities.
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Force Abilities
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