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 List of Terms

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PostSubject: List of Terms   Wed May 20, 2009 5:57 am

This is a list of common used terms in SW: Storm Knight.

Slimstick: Basically a cigarette, however it's not addictive nor is it harmful to those that smoke them, also called slims.

Force Pike: A two-meter long spear like weapon it's most commonly used for riot control, uses a combination of advanced stun technology with vibroblade technology for a wide range of power settings....from a small shock to dissuade rioters to a maximum burst with lethal results.

Sith Lanvarok: A sith weapon worn on the forearm that fires spinning razor discs that are controlled through the Force for maximum devastation.


Hunter Teams: A select group of Medjai Knights sent by their Council Elders to search and find Ancient artifacts, Hunters often fight those like them or anybody else that get in their way. Hunter Team leaders are known as Alpha's while their second in commands are known as Beta's.


Furian ( Pronounced Fury-an ): A Race of genetically engineered warriors created by the Ancients to serve as their foot soldiers in times of need due to this they're a long lived Race, and as such war and violence are a known and accepted aspect of their culture as they were bred to face the harsh realities of combat with an almost feral glee.

Ancients: A highly advanced race of beings, though long dead and their technology mostly lost to time what little is left is highly valuable and sought after.

Jedi: Those who use the light side of the Force.

Sith/Dark Jedi: Those who use the dark side of the Force.

There isn't an official order of the Medjai per say as it's members live in clan based societies which has caused many internal conflicts between the clans over the ages.

The Medjai are of the belief that there is no inherent light or dark side of the Force as it's all the same to them, therefor both light and dark side abilities are used by the Medjai and it is the individual themselves that determine whether they are good or evil or more often than not neutral.
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List of Terms
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