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 Star Wars: Storm Knight

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PostSubject: Star Wars: Storm Knight   Wed May 20, 2009 6:47 am

It is 225 years after the rebel alliance blew up the second death star. In that time governments have risen and fallen and wars have been fought, technology has progressed. Ancient artifacts have been found and lost, the search for these artifacts has caused many conflicts that have spilled over into the many clans of the Medjai. Due to this the Council Elders of the Raging Dragon clan have dispatched groups of Hunter Teams composed of newly appointed Medjai Knights to search out these artifacts for the glory of their clan and maybe dissuade others from thinking of doing the same thing.

For the newly appointed medjai knight Kellen Thastus, who's youth and inexperience is overshadowed by his native talent and promise, this is his chance to make a mark on the galaxy......the councils decision to make him his Hunter Team's Alpha proves it.

This Rp follows the hunter team known as Sigma through their trials and exploits and starts at the Medjai Temple on Rishi as the team meets for the first time and prepares for their first mission.


1) No godmoding.
2) No god-clipping. (in other words there's no such thing as unlimited ammunition, use realistic ammo consumption please)
3) No controlling another persons character. (unless they give their consent)
4) No killing another person's character. (unless they give their consent)
5) Those hit with stun blasts can post again after Five posts.
6) There is a Two Post minimum before a grenade goes off (note: you can avoid this by 'cooking' the grenade for a post then throwing it on the next)


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Star Wars: Storm Knight
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